Royalty share program

50% Royalty share program

This program is for producers and enthusiasts that would like to decrease the financial risk while making and distributing the movies that are subject matter of this type of cooperation.

Everybody can apply for this program. Approval is granted after reviewing the output raw video materials or ready programms. After choosing our media partnership you will be represented by us before all our TV partners. We will provide you with all you need so that your TV product is accepted with interest. If necessary, we will suggest you making additional corrections in order to achieve this. In consideration of sharing the future profits from your product we will provide you a safe road to the shiny premiere of your TV show or a movie. The various TV channels have different pricing policy depending on the broadcasting territory, the viewers' number and the quality of the offered product. Each project is important to us and will be individually considered during a personal meeting or correspondence with you. We are looking forward to working with you.

Here you can see some examples of joint ventures and co-productions with our sucesfull partners.
Ultimate Shot season 1
Ultimate Shot season 2
Boars and hunters