Video production

Could consist of all or part of the services ofered by the Mitrel studio. The technical and quantitative parameters of the equipment you need to shoot the video materials that are necessary for the project are a matter of additional clarification.
Financing independent films is becoming more difficult with banks becoming more cautious about to whom they will lend money, and international sales and television licences both being less lucrative sources for pre-sales than in the past. There is an idea how to get the film financed in the first place.

Royalty share program

50% Royalty share program

This program is for producers and enthusiasts that would like to decrease the financial risk while making and distributing the movies that are subject matter of this type of cooperation.

Free program

Free program
This program provides the enthusiasts or producers with full anonymity so that they could create their movie thanks to the technical capacities of the Mitrel studio and its employees.

The crew

Producer is highly self-motivated individuals, who have the final responsibility for all aspects of a film's production. . Very often the Producer is the first person to become involved in a project.