Internet TV development

In the light of the globalization and huge competition we face today the creation of high quality product is as important as its well-directed distribution.


In the world of TV products there are two ways in which your movie or TV show could reach the mass viewer for whom it was created. The first option is to sell the rights for its broadcasting to several TV channels, the way this is done in Europe, Asia and Africa. Thus you will get the publicity you need and will ensure funding for your next projects. The second option is to pay for having your product broadcasted. No matter how good or bad your work is, it will become generally known only if you have strong financial sponsor. This is the practice of the private TV channels in Northern America. Thanks to the advancement of the technical capacities for data transfer via Internet it is possible even for the independent producers to make their dream come true. Without investing tens of thousands dollars in broadcasting their show on some TV channel and searching for sponsors to provide the funding. The solution is simple and cost-efficient. Online TV. Your television could start operating in several days and it is up to you how many times and when to broadcast the programs you have created. Whether it would be 24-hour or only the best hours during the weekend. Prime time would no longer be out of your league. Thanks to its intuitive and streamlined interface, online TV is ready to operate. It will give you the opportunity to negotiate and collect the financial revenues by yourselves, whether from the advertisers or from the viewers that otherwise get in the bottomless pockets of the TV media. Each year TV receivers become more and more easily connected with the Internet contents. Do not lose your time and money; instead you can become an independent owner of the online TV now. Mitrel will ensure for you continuous maintenance and opportunity for renewing the technical capacities of your TV. Or If you don't nave enought content we 
 will be happy to run your TV show in our online channels.