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"Ultimate Shot"
season 1
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Hello, I'm Archie Nesbitt, and this is my show, in which I will tell you how the dream of my youth, to become a bow hunter, came true.
I will show you and not tell you about the hundreds of hunting adventures I had in every recess of the Earth. You will see how I achieved more than 70 world records. In these first episodes, I will take you back in time to enjoy together the hard and dangerous hunt of the biggest African animals. Join me in the adventure of my life in the quest for Ultimate Shot.

Director: Vladimir Donchev
Writer: Valdes George
Country: Bulgaria, Canada

Language: English | Bulgarian
Release Date: 10 June 2011 (USA,Canada,Europe,Russia,Africa)
Filming Locations: Mitrel Studios,Europe, Asia, Africa,Canada

Technical Specs
Runtime: 23 min
Episode: 28
Season: 2
Sound Mix: Dolby
Aspect Ratio: episodes 1-5 DV CAM 4:3 ep 6-28 16 : 9 HDV
Company Credits
Production Co: Mitrel Studios, Archie Nesbitt Productions, Hunting Videos Media Group

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List of the episodes
Episode 1/Season 1
Africa's Biggest Three
Hello, I'm Archie Nesbitt, and this is my show, in which I will tell you how the dream of my youth, to become a bow hunter, came true.
I will show you and not tell you about the hundreds of hunting adventures I had in every recess of the Earth. You will see how I achieved more than 70 world records. In these first episodes, I will take you back in time to enjoy together the hard and dangerous hunt of the biggest African animals. Join me in the adventure of my life in the quest for Ultimate Shot.

Episode 2/ Season 1
Africa's Big Cats
In this episode of Ultimate Shot, I will introduce you to the King of the African savanna. You will see and understand how lions and people can live together and how easily the hunter becomes the hunted, when following the tracks of this deadly predator. You will also see a leopard hunt - the secretive spotted cat, known in the past as the most fearful man-eater. Join us in this quest for Ultimate Shot on Africa's Big Cats.

Episode 3/ Season 1
Africa's Black Dead: Cape Buffalo
In this episode of Ultimate Shot we will embark on the hardest part of the Big Five hunt. We will go hunting Cape Buffalo, and you will witness some unique footage from several hunts of this deadly animal. We will show you how the encounter with the Black Death looks like with bow and arrow. Be there to witness this Ultimate Shot, full of danger and adrenaline.

Episode 4/ Season 1
Hunting the Jess
In this episode of Ultimate Shot we will make you witnesses to the historical First official license for bow hunting the biggest animal on dry land. Together, we will face the enraged elephants in the Jess of Zimbabwe. We will run away from this deadly mountain of an animal, to escape being trampled to dead. Together, we will protect the right of the bow hunters to hunt even the biggest animals on Earth. Be there to become witnesses of this historical Ultimate Shot

Episode 5/ Season 1
Lions at Dusk
In this episode of Ultimate Shot I will show you how I managed to fulfill my dream, the dream that 15-year-old Archie had, when he got his first bow from his grandfather. You will see the end of an unforgettable hunting adventure: to achieve the historical African Big Five with a bow and arrow. The last of the big dangerous animals in Africa will be brought down in this episode. Join us in the quest for Africa's dangerous Big Five and the Ultimate Shot.

Episode 6/ Season 1
Vancouver Island: Royal Roosevelt
In the following episode of Ultimate Shot we shall experience the magic of hunting in the virgin forests of Vancouver Island in the Pacific Northwest. You will join us in our quest for an exceptional trophy of a species named after North America's founder of conservation, a worldwide hunter and a former President, Theodore Roosevelt . We will be on the fresh tracks of a world class Roosevelt elk , tracking elk, sneaking between moss-covered trees, crawling through the ferns, vines and thorn bushes to get close, along with you, for an amazing Ultimate Shot.

Episode 7/ Season 1
Zambezi Delta Mozambique
In this episode of Ultimate Shot you shall see how the international hunting community can materially affect the population of animals in Africa, and elsewhere. You will join us as we make the first steps into the vast delta and floodplain areas of the territory of Mozambique, a once and for a long time empty and forgotten place on the map of hunters . You will witness with us our hunts for several world records with bow and arrow. You will meet a prehistoric being from the time of dinosaurs that has been preserved beyond all odds, to this very day. In our quest for Ultimate Shot, you shall see adventure, some accurate shots , history in the making and very special trophies.

Episode 8/ Season 1
Bear Hunt
In this episode of Ultimate Shot we will take you with us as we hunt the northern hemisphere's most dangerous carnivores. First you will be with as we grizzly bear hunting in the wilds of Yukon amidst settlements abandoned by placer gold miners during the Gold Rush. Then you will witness the deadly shot with which I, Archie Nesbitt, managed to take down a huge 1300 pound brown bear in less than a minute below the shadow of an active volcano on the one and only Alaska Peninsula. And finally we are off to another continent, where you will see firsthand the dangerous cohabitation of humans and brown bears in Eastern Europe. You shall take part in a Driven Hunt of brown bears in Romania and then a hunt for a man-eater bear in Bulgaria.


Episode 9/ Season 1
Into the Swamps
In this episode of Ultimate Shot our attention is back to the BIG 7 and Dangerous Game of Africa. Be with us in Ethiopia, on a face to face dangerous hunt of a huge male hippo . We will show you why these animals are considered to be among the most dangerous for the people living on the African continent. In fact, records indicate that more locals are killed by hippos than by any other animal, or reptile, in Africa. We will also attempt to be one of the first to take a trophy Nile Buffalo, and we will invade the swamps, the home of monster crocs and hippos, and chase a big Waterbuck around, through and in the muddy water channels of the Nile Delta. Stay with us and experience again the magic of the African continent and our exciting, adventurous and dangerous quest for Ultimate Shot.

Episode 10/ Season 1
High Mountain Hunt Europe
Now we are inviting you to join us in a difficult expedition into the high mountains of Europe. We will try, to be the first to hunt trophy Cantabrian Chamois with bow and arrow. Know as the Cantabrian Devil, by the Spanish hunters, this chamois makes its home above the clouds on the vertical and unscalable rocks and cliffs that are its home. With our feet back on solid ground we are then off to the Balkan Mountains of central Europe where you will experience hunts and several accurate shots at Balkan Chamois in the mountains of Macedonia. The beautiful panoramas and the breath-taking views and scenery is a special place for a hunter to track down the chamois in our quest for Ultimate Shot.

Episode 11/ Season 1
Close encounters with Black Bears
In the following episode of Ultimate Shot we will hunt in one of the most pristine environments in North America. We will take you after black bear in the virgin forests of Vancouver Island on the Pacific West Coast. There, along the riverbanks where tens of thousands of salmon end their lives' journey, you will witness dangerously close encounters with hungry black bears. You will feel the adrenaline rush experienced in a stand off between a hunter and a bear standing just 20 meters from each other. What will prevail – the will of the man or the instinct of the wild animal? You will find out in this episode of Ultimate Shot.

Episode 12/ Season 1
Plains Game Mozambique
In this episode of Ultimate Shot we shall hunt again in the archers' paradise, Mozambique. We will enjoy the advantage of being among the first hunters in an area that for decades was unavailable to the hunting community. We will find out how economic sanctions and the imposition of hunting bans have led to the disappearance of entire species of wildlife. We shall see firsthand what foreign hunter money paid for government issued hunting permits and how he generated new sources of income and revenues for the local peoples , can do for a very very special renewable and sustainable resource . Stay with us as we get our first and best in the world unique trophies, never before taken with today's bow and arrow.

Episode 13/ Season 1
Gray Ghost of Ethiopia
In this episode of Ultimate Shot: prepare yourselves to witness a truly historical event. In the thick forests of the Highlands of Ethiopia you will see how for the very first time in the world a bow hunter succeeds in the taking of African trophy of trophies – the Mountain Nyala. We will share with you the difficult treks, the mud and the pouring rains and the great luck of our committed team when undetected we invade the home of one of the biggest Nyala ever taken by a hunter. Stay with me to see this unique, and historic, Ultimate Shot.

Episode 14/ Season 1
Big Game Hunt Spain
In this episode of Ultimate Shot we shall again travel to Europe to visit our Spanish friends and enjoy the famous Spanish hospitality. We will be there for a bullfight. We will then move to the hunting grounds and sneak in on roaring red deer, test ourselves with fast-running roe deer, and then have the unique opportunity to witness the shooting of the new world record Spanish Feral Goat. Don't miss this segment Ultimate Shot, be there as we experience some of the unique hunting opportunities that Spain offers.

Episode 15/ Season 1
Plains Game Ethiopia
In this episode of Ultimate Shot you will see, after our unbelievable success with the first ever bow taken mountain Nyala in Ethiopia, our hunting expedition will leave the mountains and old growth timber and set out towards the open savannah in pursuit of several species of antelope, which turns out to be quite a difficult task. We will visit a small village where a local African tribe will welcome us with strange home made drinks, potions and rituals. In this segment of Ultimate Shot you will see us stretch the distance envelope for our shots at fast-running antelope and you will experience the exotic beauty of the African continent.

Episode 16/ Season 1
Introduced Animals
In our next episode of Ultimate Shot we will travel around the world to hunt animals that would be extinct long ago if the hunting community had not artificially introduced them to new home lands. We will show you hunting of Himalaya Tahr, Mouflon and Alpine Ibex. You will learn about their natural environments and the way and where, they live. We will show you the tricks that the local hunting guides use in order to outwit these clever animals. You will also see how we set a world record with bow and arrow , on the next Ultimate Shot.

Episode 17/ Season 1
Into the Lion's Den
In this episode of Ultimate Shot: prepare yourselves to participate in the most dangerous hunt in the world. Under the hot African sun we will track down and then be tracked down, we will hunt and we will be the hunted, when we stumble upon a pride of lions. We will learn more about man-eater lions and eliminate one that has taken the dark path to its end. We will see a real white lion and find out why the local Africans revere this animal. Finally, prepare yourselves to feel the adrenaline rush experienced by hunters when a predator jumps at them and only two seconds separate them from certain death.

Episode 18/ Season 1
Wild Boars of Europe
In this episode of Ultimate Shot we will crisscross Europe as we follow our passion for hunting dangerous game and Wild Boars. In Hungary you will witness our unexpected encounter with a boar as big as a bear. We will also hunt in Bulgaria where we will witness a traditional driven hunt that attracts people from all over Europe. We will show you the emotions of the hunters participating in the driven hunt and tremendous adrenaline rush that they experience the up close and personal confrontations with boars running wildly through the forest. You will see why, despite the obvious dangers of participation, this way of hunting is the number one favorite of European hunters.

Episode 19/ Season 1
Plains Game in Benin
In this episode of Ultimate Shot we shall take you to the savannas of Benin in West Africa. We will hunt antelope in the dried, brittle and sunburned African brush. We will track down Harnessed Bushbuck in the thick and only jungle vegetation of the region that crowds and encroaches the generally intermittent water channels. You will learn how extremely high temperatures can affect weapons created with composite materials not native to that environment. We will crawl on the stark plains blackened by the sun and void of any precipitation , to track down the shy antelope, and you will witness yet another world record with bow and arrow. Share with us this hard and emotional quest as we stretch the limit to deliver Ultimate Shot.

Episode 20/ Season 1
Raiders of the Big Horn
In this episode of Ultimate Shot, prepare yourselves for a hard hunt, a push to the limit of human resources. A hunt full of unexpected turns of events and exciting close encounters with one of the most prestigious trophy animals on earth and certainly the Monarch of the mountain . We will hunt in Alberta, the premier place to hunt Bighorn. Enduring temperatures of down to 45 degrees below zero, with hurricane winds that would blow you of the mountain , we climbed to the top each and every day during the course of 15 days. We will stalk the biggest and potentially world record Cadomin Big Horn Ram and search for a big old King of the mountain ram worthy of Ultimate Shot. Be with us to see what fate has in store for me, for my team and for fellow hunters...

Episode 21/ Season 1
The Monarch
In this episode of Ultimate Shot you will find out how the story of a great hunting adventure searching for the biggest ram in Alberta ends. Don't miss to witness the Monarch and the Ultimate Shot.
Episode 22/ Season 1
Yellow Eyes of Damara
Ultimate Shot will take you back to the Dark Continent on an unbelievable hunt of a giant leopard in the Highlands of Ethiopia, Africa. We will take you where must have never been before and set you up to see unique videos of leopards shot in broad daylight .You will be there and you will follow the world's greatest spotted cat into the jungle and witness the best Ultimate Shot ever made in leopard hunting. Be sure not to miss this episode, be there with me Archie Nesbitt, so that we can share together one of hunting's ultimate experiences.

Episode 23/ Season 1
White Ghost, Black Dead
In the following episode of Ultimate Shot we will take you to AFRICA - THE DARK CONTINENT. Benin, on the savannas of west Africa, where we set off on a deadly pursuit of west Africa's species of the BLACK DEATH of Africa , Buffalo ! You will witness the mysterious escape of the White Ghost. You will feel the devastating rays and heat of the African sun, and you will learn how many hours a man can go without water at 43 degrees Celsius when surrounded by a pride of lions. You will get the unique opportunity to follow a wounded buffalo into the thick bush and find out why this invisible animal has been called the Black Dead of the Dark Continent.

Episode 24/ Season 1
Batoo the Wild Boars
In this episode of Ultimate Shot we will hunt Wild Boar. I am going to be the very first archer to participate in a wild boar driven hunt in Bulgaria. We will learn why this way of hunting and this species of dangerous animal, which has been introduced to North America, is a passion and obsession for thousands of European and Asian hunters. You will experience a hunt from an unusual point of view, that of the pushers, whose very close encounters with the boars does not always end the way it is supposed to...

Episode 25/ Season 1
In the Shadow of Dead
In the following episode of Ultimate Shot we shall set off in pursuit of a herd of elephants in the jungles of Mozambique. We will test our luck by following the herd into the thick virtually impenetrable jungle at an unsafe distance of 20 meters. We will follow on their heels in the towering reed and the water of the swamps until we come face to face with an angry bull. You will experience an ultimate adrenaline rush and be there for the duel and face to face standoff between a hunter and several tons of angry mass. Be there; do not miss the next Ultimate Shot- "In the Shadow of Dead".

Episode 26/ Season 1
Stags of Europe
In this episode of Ultimate Shot we shall take you into the heart of Europe. There, in the mountains and the valleys of the Thracian kings we will trace the steps of big trophy Red Deer. We will see the habitat and environment that created several world records of this species . We will track down a big Fallow Deer, then move to Hungary in our quest for a special opportunity and Ultimate Shot. We will see several action packed hits on Manchurian Sitka Deer, Fallow Deer and Red Deer. Enjoy this episode that has the adds the historic flavors of aged Hungarian wines and centuries of hunter's hospitality to the emotions of exciting hunting adventures.

Episode 27/ Season 1
Cape to Karoo
In the next episode of Ultimate Shot, we invite you to an interesting safari as we cris-cross Southern Africa hunting in 4 different ecosystems , including the east Cape and the famous KAROO, and the different species that inhabit each. We will chase several exotic species of antelopes which can be found only here in Africa and some that have been introduced from other parts of the continent where they are now extinct or nonhuntable. We will almost attain two world records. We will also show you our distant shots at jumping gazelles. Do not miss this African safari, saturated with interesting and dynamic hunting situations. Join us in the quest of Ultimate Shot.

Episode 28/ Season 1
Balkan Red Stags
In the following episode of Ultimate Shot: prepare yourselves as you will be there on several spectacular hunts for deer in the mountains and on the plains of Europe where Ancient Thracians lived centuries ago. These lands are famous for giving to the world the oldest and most golden hunting treasures and the biggest Red Deer trophies. You will witness several incredible and thrilling final stalks. Be sure not to miss this episode of Ultimate Shot.