Boars and hunters /season 2/


BH baner 4                    Details
Country: Bulgaria
Language: English / Bulgarian
Release Date: June-20-2021
Filming Locations: Worldwide
Runtime: 40 min
Sound Mix: Stereo
Aspect Ratio:  16 : 9 HD
Company Credits: Mitrel Ltd

Wild boars, Tens of wild boars that frenetically run in the dense forest. Every hunter dreams of this. And now we will show it to you! We will experience unforgettable hunting adventures. We will cross five continents searching for the most attractive wild boar hunting. You will see with your eyes the way warthog is being hunted down in Africa and how pigs grown wild are being shot in Australia. We will stalk for trophy boars in Europe and will take part in hunting battues in Asia. Share the thrill of the furious wild boars encounter with the fearless dogs and see the outcome of this dynamic hunting full of adrenaline that the dangerous encounters of hunters and wild boars bring about.