Outback pursuits

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Country: Australia, Bulgaria, USA
Language: English / Bulgarian
Release Date: February-01-2021
Filming Locations: Australia
Runtime: 40 min
Sound Mix: Stereo
Aspect Ratio:  16 : 9 HD/4K
Company Credits: Mitrel Ltd

Australian hunting adventures - In the lands of the Aborigines
The year is 1940. World War II has already begun, but the repercussions of the war in distant Europe have not yet affected the Australian continent. For Australia's indigenous people, however, the battles for survival as a separate nation and culture have been going on for nearly 100 years. The colonial government doing everything possible to assimilate the local population. Missionaries and police are empowered to abduct Aboriginal children and send them to education centers. The purpose of this act is to involve and teach a whole generation of aborigines how to work in "modern society". A similar story is shown very figuratively in the film with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman - Australia. Such is the story of the father of our host here!