The Deep blue

Deep Blue baner 3                    Details
Country: Bulgaria
Language: English / Bulgarian
Release Date: December-01-2021
Filming Locations: Worldwide
Runtime: 30 min
Sound Mix: Stereo
Aspect Ratio:  16 : 9 HD/4K
Company Credits: Mitrel Ltd

Three-quarters of the earth's surface is covered with water. Only a quarter of our world is known to humans, the rest is part of the mysterious blue world of "Deep Blue". Don't miss the chance to get acquainted with the hundreds of thousands of animal species that fully or temporarily inhabit the underwater dimension. Dive with us into the unknown to see the vast water world. A world full of friends and enemies. Cold-blooded giants, bloodthirsty predators and mythical creatures that ancient people feared. Together we will see the most wonderful creations of the nature. Secret amphibians. Mermaids hidden in the depths of dark caves, haunted by humans and threatened with extinction. For some we will be prey for others a predator. Together we will immerse ourselves in the electrifying world of free diving and spearfishing. To feel the taste of seafood collected by ourselves.