Fishing club

Riboloven klub baner                    Details
Country: Bulgaria
Language:  Bulgarian
Release Date: February-01-2021
Filming Locations: Europe
Runtime: 30 min
Sound Mix: Stereo
Aspect Ratio:  16 : 9 HD
Company Credits: Mitrel Ltd

Fishing Club is the show in which you can see the successful fishing trips of professionals and enthusiasts who have chosen to try their luck in the ponds and rivers of the Balkans here in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. We will participate in The World Fishing Championships and forums to see how the best of the best anglers do. In our club you will have the opportunity to see the latest fishing techniques and equipment. Giant catfish, predatory whitefish, sea bass and hungry pikes will jump in front of your screen. Be sure to become part of our fishing club to share the joy and thrill of a successful fishing trip.