Photo Safari Club

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Country: Bulgaria
Language: English / Bulgarian / Greek
Release Date: February-01-2021
Filming Locations: Worldwide
Runtime: 40 min
Sound Mix: Stereo
Aspect Ratio:  16 : 9 HD/4K
Company Credits: Mitrel Ltd

Photo Safari Club will take you on a journey into the secret world of wildlife. To try to stalk and take the most unexpected and unique wild photos.
At the dawn of time, humans relied on hunting for its livelihood. But human survival no longer depends on wildlife hunting. Now the survival of wildlife depends on hunting, and trophy hunting is a proven means of protecting game. But many people do not understand the connection between hunting, hunters and wildlife. Trophy hunting is banned in many countries as cruel and inhumane. But the truth is different. The connection established between the hunter and the wildlife cannot be broken by the ban. New hope leads hunters to forbidden animals to meet in the Promised Land and gives new meaning to their protection.