Sound FX

The special sound effects are huge libraries with studio recorded audio effects or recorded background sounds with high quality audio equipment in the open air.


The appropriately selected music is 50% of the successful product.

Studio records

For all the high quality audio records you need, Mitrel Studio uses the professional studio and personnel of Alexandra Studio. The studio is equipped and certified for recording and processing Dolby Digital sound.


Throughout the years we arrived to the conclusion that making compromises with the quality of whatever component in the chain that builds the movie could be a lethal error, thus we chose to work with the professionals that trust Voice 123. There you can choose by yourselves the actor’s voice that is the most suitable for your film.

Voice over

Voiceovers are a popular story telling strategy that require a bit of planning.


Dubbing is often used to localize a foreign movie. The new voice track is usually spoken by a voice artist.