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Embosomed in lush green and reaching to the sky, this small piece of land is the shelter for more than 20 000 temples. Their unique architecture and exclusive artistic beauty attract here millions of tourist every year. One tour around the island is enough for anyone to realize that this is much more than piece of land, it's the island of Gods.


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Who is Santa Clause?
Saint Nickolas lived almost all his life in Lycia, a Greece province in the Roman Empire. The place is situated on the South coast of modern Turkey. Nicholas was born in Patara, in the region of Lycia. The story of how his shrine was translated, starts with Saint Nickolas death in 345 A.D. He died in Myra and was buried in his cathedral. His relics were kept in dignity and pride in Myra, until they were transferred to Italy. One day a few tradesmen of Bari, the Naples port, disembarked on the coast of Lycia. They waited for the chance to enter unnoticed the church with Saint Nickolas shrine, which was situated in a deserted place, 2 miles from the shore, guarded by a few monks. The tradesmen were able to enter the church and break the marble coffin...The manna of Saint Nicholas, also called myrrh, is clear, watery liquid, which is formed miraculously in the tomb of the saint, presently in the crypt of his basilica in Bari. This phenomenon has no explanation up to that day.In 1931 Coca Cola Company engaged Hadden Sunblom to create an image of Santa Clause, that would be published in magazines as an advertisement.At that time Santa had to travel regularly from his home in Korvatunturi to the Arctic Circle, to meet tourists. In 1984 he settled down here and the idea of the village was born. The legendary Concord brought the first tourists on Christmas from Great Britain. Still Santa desperately needed a place to invite his guests from all over the world...

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Exclusive stories and ancient mysteries lying buried in the ancient lands of Java, wait to be discovered some day and their messages to be revealed. Majestic temples, taking one's breath with grandeur and beauty, - Borobodur, the largest and most perfect Buddhist temple, ever built on Earth, lies peacefully embosomed among the mountains of Central Java close to another as colossal and gorgeous – Prambanan.
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In the heart of the kingdom of Cambodia lies one of the most impressive and beautiful ancient cities – Angkor Tom and its temple – Angkor Wat. Their architectural scale and detail relief on the walls are reflected in almost all the tens of smaller temples around, hidden and engulfed by the thick jungle. Their majesty and great genius reveal the power of their creators.
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THE TREASURES OF Sankt Peterburg part I
The building of Sankt Peterburg is not to be matched in the history of the world. The idea of Peter I, who created it, was to outshine in beaury and scale all the great cities of Europe. The palace of Peterhof – the official residence of the Russian emperors, where great balls, receptions and masquerades were organized, the Winter Palace, the Saint Isaac's Cathedral, the Alexander Column, all these are unique masterpieces of the Russian will and might.   

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THE TREASURES OF Sankt Peterburg part II
The building of Sankt Peterburg is not to be matched in the history of the world. The idea of Peter I, who created it, was to outshine in beaury and scale all the great cities of Europe. The Catherine Palace is a beautiful, almost fairy castle with azure facades and grandiose scale. In it you will find the recenty rebuilt Amber Chamber. The Pavlovsk Palace has a gorgeous interior and its beautiful park seems to be a picturesque recess of nature.  
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Legend of the Tracks
The film depicts little known facts, reveals remarkable tombs and breathtaking treasures, left by the Track clans. The most famous names of archeology and history tell...