Wild Bulgaria

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Country: Bulgaria
Language: English / Bulgarian
Release Date: February-01-2021
Filming Locations: Bulgaria
Runtime: 60 min
Sound Mix: Stereo
Aspect Ratio:  16 : 9 HD/4K
Company Credits: Mitrel Ltd

TV documentary series for everyone.
Filmed with ultra-high resolution in the style of National Geographic, it tells about the life of the wild inhabitants in Bulgaria and their battles for survival during the seasonal changes.
We are in the Eastern part of the European continent. This is a place where a small country has preserved its wildlife intact for hundreds of years. Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe and the only one that has maintained its name unchanged for over 13 centuries. The majority of flora and fauna are preserved here, and they remain unspoiled by human expansion through the continent. There are numerous animal and plant species near the shores of Black sea and the Danube river. There are over one hundred listed animal species some of which became extinct a long time ago in other parts of the European continent. A large part of the flora and fauna, untouched by the human expansion of the continent, is preserved here. And although only 5% of the country's territory is occupied by nature parks and reserves, all over the country all people care about the protection of wild flora and fauna. And although the territory of the country has been reduced over the centuries and no longer reaches three seas, it still preserves the treasures of the first civilizations of this continent. Apart from the golden treasures and millennial culture, an invaluable treasure is preserved here – the Wild Bulgaria.
“The Proud Balkan Mountains – close by is the sparkling Danube river. The sun shines over Thrace, and blazes over Pirin. Dear Motherland, you are heaven on earth!"!
These are the words used by an ancient people to describe their country – a wildlife heaven. A country of endless flourishing plains, crossed by thick green forests. Magnificently beautiful mountains. Crystal clear lakes and rivers. Hundreds of bird and animal species have found their home and shelter here.
A wild island right in the heart of Europe - where the ancient roads that connect Eurasia and Africa intersect.
A starting point not only for the people that have conquered this continent, but also to many bird and animal species that migrate North and South, guided by millennial-old instincts for rut and nesting locations. An arena for fierce fights between gladiators.
The place where civilization has not yet destroyed its nature.