Safari Season

Safari Season TV show

Safari Season is a documentary/reality style program that will follow the most-accomplished hunters in their hunting adventures world wide. The program will show what hunters are capable of accomplishing if they are motivated by sportsmanship, hunting ethics and their desire to preserve hunting traditions and wild nature.

Episode 1 to 4
In these 4 pilot episodes of Safari Season we will travel the whole globe and all possible hunting destinations. Let us start from the North American continent where we will visit many hunters' pieces of heaven. Firstly, let us discover with what Canada attracts hunters and photographers from all over the world. We will see the habitats of the animal species that inhabit the distant Northern territories. We will travel all Canadian states to get to know the big predators and their destiny that resembles the one of the nomads of Northern prairies and the Rocky Mountains. We will witness hunters' close encounters with the wildlife of Canadian forests. We will see all wildlife species here and will get to know their hunting statute and the hunting opportunities. Then we will transfer to the Southernmost part of the North American continent where hunting and fishing are just few of the things every adventurer and traveller should see and try. When passing to the warmer latitudes, we will stop in Mexico for deer hunting and deep water fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Then we will travel to the South American continent. Deer hunting in Argentina and fishing in the Amazon River are just some parts of what we are about to see at that incredible continent. It would take us a couple of seconds to cross half the globe to join the hunt of buffalos and exotic antelope species in Australia. We will play with the jumping crocodiles and then will fly away for Asia. We will cross the Taurus Mountains in Turkey to take a good look around for ibexes. We will make several high mountainous marches in the Caucasus Mountains in Russia.
In the pilot episodes we will experience much more exciting moments during our safari around the globe. We will continue with hunting bears in Madan, then we will visit 10 countries in Europe to see what it feels like when hunting at the European continent. In the end we will finish our adventure in one of the 8 countries in Africa which we will visit in our search for extraordinary trophy animals and exotic hunting destinations.
Prepare for a frenetic contest with time, because within two hours we will go around the whole globe to get a global idea of hunters' contribution in wildlife and hunted species' protection.