Hunting Adventure Movie

7 Days hunting trip
Package price
$1800 Free program (personal)

$3500 Royalty share program (co-production)

$7065 Producer's program (producer)

(For Different time period multiply the number of days by $1010 and deduct program discount or Call for Quote)

What is generally included in a production price:

Cameraman plus equipment ( up to 7 days) -$ 3150
Advanced Postproduction Editing ( up to 10 hrs raw video) - $ 3915


Advanced Cut Editing - $4.5/minute raw footage - $2700
Color Correction - $1.5/minute ready footage (up to 60 min) - $90
Image stabilization - $2.5/minute raw footage (up to 10 min) - $25
FX video and pre-composed motion graphics (2xTitles,2xMaps,2xLower therd) - $400
Music Track Stock Music: $15 per track. (20 tracs) - $300
Audio Mixing Sound Effects - $5/ minute (up to 60 min) - $300
DVD and BD Authoring and artwork (1 project) - $100
Total $3915
Grand Total $7065

Option 1: Producer's program - Total - $ 7065 see the program terms and conditions
Option 2: Royalty share program – 50% Total - $ 3500 see the program terms and conditions
Option 3: Free program – 75% Total - $ 1800 see the program terms and conditions

What you receive

Ready great hunting adventure movie filmed and edited in High Definition. You will have it on DVD and Blu-ray disc like those.

Archie colection

Rates quoted do not include travel and subsistence expenses and they are not subject of discount in our programs.Still we have an agreement on most of our hunting destinations videographers stay free of charge or at reduced overhead rates. Call for Quote .

Additional services are subject of discount in chosen program. All prices are net prices and exclude any taxes. Bulgarian GST tax will therefore apply at the prevailing rate (currently 20%) except where the client can supply a valid Tax ID number upfront from outside Bulgaria and the work is being exported for use outside Bulgaria.
We can accept bank transfer, cash payments or PayPal (subject to fees).
Clients need to pay 30% for booking the trip and 70 % with the completion of the shoot and if third party equipment has to be hired by Mitrel, may be asked for a down payment prior to commencement of filming. All rates are subject to change, see our terms and conditions.