This agreement formalises the established work practice & etiquette by which we operate.

The following points form the basis of our employment, subject to different conditions being agreed to in writing.
We enjoy a fair workplace, operate with goodwill, and hope you view our Terms & Conditions as reasonable.
Please negotiate or clarify any points prior to the job.


A. Booking Process & Liability
DAILY BOOKINGS are taken in time-specific 4-hour (half day), 8-hour (full day) increments, with overtime charged beyond time. A half day is billed as a full day once exceeding a reasonable period. Schedules must adhere to the booked times, as multiple bookings may be held. Jobs wrapping early will be billed as per the original booking.

BOOKINGS are accepted subject to availability and may be CONFIRMED at the time of booking or placed on HOLD.

A HOLD may be cancelled by either party.

A HOLD is considered CONFIRMED 48-hours prior to the day of the booking unless CANCELLED or NEGOTIATED. These times are measured by business days, excluding weekends & public holidays where charges are related to hire equipment.

CANCELLATIONS are recorded via personal contact or recorded message on mobile telephone +359899812590, with email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and SMS as a secondary method.

Once Confirmed CANCELLATION FEES apply at the rate of 50% within 48 Hours, and 100% within 24 Hours of the day of the booking. These times are measured by business days, excluding weekends & public holidays where charges are related to hire equipment.

The extent of Mitrel Ltd LIABILITY due to illness, errors, omissions, professional negligence, technical & mechanical failures, and/or effects of crime shall be limited to the equivalent of the Bookings daily fee.

TIMES are measured from CALLTIME-to-WRAP in Bulgaria, and PORTAL-to-PORTAL in all other national & international locations, inclusive of lunch, travel & appropriate breaks.

A Work Day or Overtime Buy-Out is bound by a LIMIT ON WORKING-HOURS set at 14-hours on Production Days and 16-hours on Travel Days, excluding long-haul flights.

OVERTIME is measured per hour or part-thereof, and applies to all Productions UNLESS SPECIFICALLY NEGOTIATED.

OVERTIME applies at the following hourly rates. Personnel quoted inclusive of equipment shall bill at an hourly rate of 1 times the hourly-rate. Personnel quoted separately to equipment shall bill at 1.5 times the hourly-rate. Beyond 14 hours, double time rates apply.

WEATHER HOLDS or SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS to be specifically negotiated.

Quoted RATES include a transport allowance for Sofia's greater metropolitan area of 50km/day. Beyond 50km MILEAGE charged at $0,75/km.

All TOLLS and PARKING FEES or CHARGES incurred in the course of Production are billed to the Client.
TRANSPORT provided by the Client must meet adequate safety, comfort & security standards, or be negotiated with respect to the nature of the production.

TAPE STOCK is the responsibility of the Mitrel Ltd.

Listed EQUIPMENT is a guide, and that brought onto Location is deemed appropriate.

EQUIPMENT REQUESTS will be adhered to as closely as possible. Where specific models/items are unavailable a suitable replacement will be sought.

No responsibility accepted for RENTAL EQUIPMENT rented on behalf of the Client.

For TECHNICAL FAILURE or LOSS involving Mitrel Productions owned equipment, Mitrel Productions shall bear the cost of equipment replacement.

No responsibility for lost opportunity, lost imagery or lost sound arising from technical failure.

A SAFE WORKPLACE is always maintained. All personnel reserve the right of refusal.

Productions planning to shoot in HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS must advise Mitrel Productions prior to Confirmation. Such environments include exposure to sand, salt, water, dust, biological and chemical agents, civil unrest and declared hostilities.

Production must notify Mitrel Productions of all reasonably FORESEEABLE RISKS related to the job.

EQUIPMENT DAMAGE caused by handling by unauthorized persons or the actions of persons associated with or employed by the Client will be charged to the Client.

Opportunity for a MEAL is due every six hours, with an hours overtime charged per missed opportunity.

PAYMENT TERMS are strictly 14 DAYS (Net 14), or as stipulated on the invoice.

LATE PAYMENT may lead to LATE FEES charged at the rate of 10% per month. Failure to pay within 90 days of the invoice date may result in legal action.

ORIGINAL RECEIPTS are retained for Mitrel Productions' accounts, and charges will be itemised on the invoice.

COPYRIGHT of all recorded materials remain the property of Mitrel Ltd until full & final payment has been received.
The copyright will be shared between the Client and Mitrel Productions in case of "50% Royalty share program" services
The copyright will be owned by the Client in case of "100 % Producer's program" services
The copyright will be owned by Mitrel Ltd in case of " Free program" services

AIRPORT TRANSFERS are billed to the Client.

Daily WORKING HOURS & TRAVEL DAYS are measured on PORTAL-to-PORTAL basis in all national & international, inclusive of lunch, travel & appropriate breaks.

PER DIEMS as stated in the quote.

Charges for TRAVEL HOURS at 75% of WORKING HOURS or as stated in the quote.

TRAVEL & REST DAYS include zero filming.

RECCES are welcomed on Travel Days given it is of reasonable duration, and the site is en-route or within reasonable proximity of Crew Accommodation.

ACCOMMODATION & TRANSPORT provided by the Client must meet adequate safety, comfort & security standards, or be negotiated with respect to the nature of the project.

If requested by Mitrel Productions, all required payments must be received prior to commencement as stated in the quote.

Final payment including incurred costs is due upon completion of each schedule or as stated in the quote unless otherwise negotiated.
Continuation of services beyond the schedule is negotiable.

Discontinuation of services within the schedule incurs applicable cancellation fees and immediate air transport to Sofia airport for personnel and equipment.

Scheduled Payments negotiable for long-term projects.

Recorded materials may be withheld until receipt of due payment. When recorded materials are withheld, returns will be arranged upon receipt of payment via the Client's means & expense. All due care taken, no responsibility accepted for losses.

This agreement is governed by the laws of EU..

I hope you view these Terms & Conditions as fair & reasonable. The intricacies of the industry are presented to promote transparency and avoid unnecessary dispute, so please clarify or negotiate any points prior to production. We look forward to smooth business dealings and great shoots with you.

Yours sincerely,
Vladimir Donchev