We can offer you ready-made business solutions for the realization of your project.

  • TV Channels terrestrial and satellite pay tv

    There is a long way to travel from post-production to the first broadcasting on the TV screen. One thing is knowing the direction and another to have travelled it hundreds of times. Thanks to our assistance your product could reach this target.

  • Online video on demand via SMS

    In the beginning it was the videotheques that provided DVD rentals. Today we have no longer videotheques but viewers still want to rent some movie in order to watch it at home. This could be achieved via the Internet network. The inconvenience of the majority of this type of online videotheques is that they require registration and payment through the insecure Internet network. We offer you an elegant solution to all these problems. Everyone can watch online the movie chosen by him/her only via sending an sms. The price is defined by you and it can be different for the various films.

  • Web Store

    Selling commodities on the Internet was long time ago recognized as the only possible alternative for market coverage. We are convinced in this since our clients are from Australia, Asia, Europe and America. We confess that only clients from Africa have not ordered us films.